Registration Paperwork

Before your first appointment:

  • Please dowload and complete the registration paperwork.  *Please note that you only need to fill out the release to exchange information (the last page) if you would like me to be able to communicate with someone (primary care physician, psychiatrist, school staff, spouse, etc.) about your treatment.  
  • If you choose to use insurance, it is your responsibility to obtain authorization from your insurance company for your treatment.  If given an authorization number please write it on your registration paperwork.  
  • If you are going through your insurance, it is also your repsonsibility to determine what your co-pay is for outpatient mental health counseling appointments or whether you have a high deductible.  Co-pays/full payments for high deductible policies or non-insurance clients are due at the beginning of each session. I strongly suggest you obtain information from your insurance company well in advance so you fully understand how your benefits work, how many sessions your insurance allows and whether you have a co-pay or high deductible plan. 
  • Please bring your registration paperwork, insurance card and co-pay/payments to your first appointment.
  • I will meet you in the waiting room at your scheduled appointment time.

If you are unable to print the registration paperwork, please call to let me know and I can have a paper copy waiting for you 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you need to fill out a paper copy, please make sure to arrive 15 minutes early to complete it so it doesn't cut into your session time.