18 Jul 2012


Submitted by raquel

I recently attended Terry Fralich's Advanced Mindfulness training.  For years I have been successfully teaching mindfulness techniques to my clients who reported the wonderful effects it had on their lives.  I like to teach my clients a variety of skills that they can use but understand that some might click for them and some might not. Mindfulness clicked for me in a whole new way after this workshop.  Through sharing different mindfulness exercises, Terry did a wonderful job of illustrating how practicing mindfulness can help us connect to our present moment instead of feeling sad about our past or worried about our future.  I am excited to share these techniques I have learned with my clients in order to help with a number of issues including anxiety, depression and overeating.  I also encourage you all to visit Terry Fralich's website http://www.mindfulnesscenter.org to learn more about his work.