"Overall the experience was wonderful.  I thought every single one of our sessions was productive and I have made a lot of progress.  I thought that it worked so well both because of Raquel's knowledge and depth of background but also because she allowed me to play a leading role in determining what we would work on each session."


"We have been very happy with the therapy experience for our son.  He was dealing with some pretty sensitive issues when we started and has been able to effectively work through them.  He now has the tools to process things that may bother him in the future."


"Raquel is very calm, level headed and gave me great suggestions." 


"Raquel has been a critical guide in my self discovery and exploration around the issues of trichotillomania, relationship discord and sexual abuse. I've done more thorough work with her than any other therapist before.  My toolbox has been filled with tools that I can use and reuse beyond my time with Raquel."


"My daughter has really benefited from working with Raquel.  She felt very comfortable working with her and I am thrilled that she has learned so many skills to help her."


"I began searching for a therapist to work through issues related to a recent breakup and to improve some interpersonal skills. I contacted 5-6 therapists before connecting with Raquel. Others would not conduct a screening interview by phone, some didn't accept insurance and some wouldn't agree to work with you unless you committed to long term therapy. I'm extremely gratified I found Raquel. She's direct, caring, intuitive and challenging. Everything and more of the therapist I was seeking. After only 5 or so sessions, she's greatly helped me. I cannot refer her to you more strongly."


"Raquel helped me to refocus on what is important and my individual strengths to resolve my own issues as opposed to feeling powerless." 


"I felt supported and not alone which was nice.  I appreciated the process of identifying distorted thinking.  The skills that I leaned were easy enough to learn quickly and were effective."


"Raquel has been a wonderful therapist.  I was highly apprehensive before I came here but she really put me at ease and for that I thank her.  I know that Raquel made me feel so much better and  gave me so many ways to deal with stress and depression.  I know I'll continue to use these skills in the years to come."